Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lordy Lord how I love chocolate...

Hello again...yes, another post involving chocolate, I'm sure there will be a lot of these! However I think it's very important to find delicious chocolate that my fellow vegans can enjoy and I am more than happy to trial and test it for you are welcome! 
When I was a meat eater or even a vegetarian, chocolate was a huge part of my life. And no, not proper chocolate, I'm talking galaxy, celebrations, fox's chocolate chunk cookies, Maltesers...all that. I was so worried that when I became a vegan, chocolate would be off limits and without chocolate, how would I survive? But thank goodness I followed my heart, not my taste buds, and became a vegan for it taught me to love the taste of true, rich, pure dark chocolate. Now I wouldn't even think of trading my dark chocolate for a piece of galaxy...PAWS OFF!...and believe me, both my transformed taste buds and healthier body are thanking me for it, not to mention all those smiley cows who are very grateful they are having to provide milk for one less person!
Anyway so, as naughty as it is, this half term I have been testing out a new chocolate each night. So far, we have tasted three: 1) Green and Blacks 2) Divine dark chocolate and 3) Montezumas dark chocolate. I got my brother and dad to taste them and whilst they are all fabulous, the winning chocolate came out as Montezumas. It is so delicious- slightly bitter yet with a hint of sweetness and not nastily milky but not too strong either...perfect! 
The next step was to dig further...try out all their flavours suitable for vegans! (Not all of them are so read the labels carefully!) Tonight I tested out the 'Dark chocolate Lordy Lord with cocoa nibs'. Heavenly. The cocoa nibs give it that extra pang of chocolateyness -yep, pretty certain that is not a word. Nevertheless, the chocolate is fabulous and even more perfect coupled with a nice cold glass of soya milk, go ahead, indulge...(oh and for those watching calories or anything, dark chocolate releases endorphins and makes you smile :) besides the calories aren't that high, not really...)

So naughty you can't resist

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